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Something every microwave should have!

  • Simple

  • Unique

  • Hygienic

  • Convenient

  • Cost Effective

microsave cavity liner

The Microsave Cavity Liner is an easily removable rigid protection for commercial microwave ovens. Easy to remove, clean and replace, helping to avoid very costly repairs and downtime.

All the operator has to do at the end of each session is to take the liner out, was with dishwashing liquid and warm water, dry and replace back in the oven. Only takes two minutes to clean!

The price of the liner is less than the cost of one repair

  • It will save you money on repairs

  • It will protect against Ceiling Plate burn-outs

  • It will keep your microwave oven hygienically clean

  • It could extend the life of your commercial microwave oven

  • It will protect the Glass Ceramic Base Plate

  • It will help you to avoid expensive downtime

  • It will protect the microwave from splats and splashes


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